SEO Training Course in Amsterdam - Understand, Analyse, Implement

I’m pleased to announce my first Amsterdam-based workshop, to be held on the 2nd July. While based in London I held many sessions, covering SEO, social, paid and much more. A few months ago, Digital Storey moved to Amsterdam. Now that the sun is shining (and the boxes are unpacked!) I’ve decided to start at a subject I have a huge passion for: SEO.

This one-day training course provides an energetic, group-based, way to quickly learn SEO to a good standard.

Anyone familiar with my courses knows that we use a "learn by doing" approach, with multiple activities throughout the day to ensure that you fully understand the concepts being discussed.

The course is held in a convenient central location within Amsterdam. The course runs from 9AM to 5PM. Refreshments and breakfast are provided. Multiple small breaks will also be held throughout the day, to allow for lunch etc.

As a course attendees, you will leave:

  • A clear understanding of what SEO is and how it works

  • Appreciation for the benefits and challenges of SEO

  • An understanding of the difference between good and bad SEO practices

  • Recent developments in SEO

  • Knowing how to measure your search performance and how to interpret the data

  • A thorough appreciation of the factors that impact your search performance, and what to look out for

  • Knowing how to implement SEO improvements - how to optimise a website

  • Understanding how to approach an SEO strategy

All attendees will receive a 1:1 follow-up video call, up to one hour, to cover any questions or areas more specific to your business.

While the course will cover search engines generally, we will focus primarily on Google.

With a maximum of 6 guests, you're guaranteed the attention you need to effectively learn throughout the day.

Please note that this course is delivered in English.

Check out what people have said about our training, coaching and workshop sessions:

"Ben is a joy to work with. A planner with an incredibly focused and strategic work ethic. Extremely committed to anything he is involved in. A perfectionist who likes to see things to completion with good results. Ben’s experience and awareness of digital channeling to target market is always on point and extremely reliable."

— Eva Uddin, Head of Marketing, International House London

"As a start-up I knew I needed to use social media but wasn’t sure where to start or how to direct my efforts. Ben worked with me to create my social media strategy which I’ve been putting into action with great effect. He totally understood my business, its social purpose, and my needs."

— Isabel Kelly, Founder, Profit with Purpose

"Ben led our first ever international social media workshop - with over 30 of our senior team in attendance from around the globe. Throughout the session we were taken on an adventure - learning the ins and outs. By the end our eyes had been opened, full of new ideas and excited for the future of our brand online. "

— Patricia Aleix Bernabeu, Marketing Manager, Hotelbeds Group

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