Periscope. One year on.

It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed since live-streaming app Periscope was launched. While it certainly hasn't exploded in popularity there's still plenty for its owner, Twitter, to shout about. So see below to find out how Periscope is doing at one year old. 

Oh, and if you're not quite sure what Periscope is, check out a previous blog post where I explained it all. 

110 years of footage watched every day

Periscope revealed that every day users watch a combined 110 years worth of video. According to Fortune: "In early August, just four months after the service’s launch, users were only watching about 40 years of video per day—a significant jump for Periscope. We can also deduce that this metric has been growing by almost 10 years per month on average, though Periscope hasn’t released this data so it’s only rough math."

200 million broadcasts

Created on the platform in the past 12 months. 

It's defeated Meerkat

Meerkat was the app that started it all. The indie app was the hero of South by South West last year - it became hugely popular and was championed as the next big social network. That didn't quite happen - over time they found they couldn't sustain the growth that Periscope had. As of this month they have changed their offering to instead become a video network. 

But there's heavy competition on its way

Facebook, Twitter’s long-standing rival when it comes to monopolizing people’s time and eyeballs, has released Live. Facebook is all in on it, even prioritizing it in users’ news feeds - and while it's too early to assess success it's unlikely they'll let it fail.

There's also a rumoured Google/YouTube project, and that would make sense given the monopoly they have on video content.

Could Periscope be Twitter's growth driver?

It's safe to say that Periscope hasn't exactly exploded in popularity. Many people are unaware of its existence. But, it is showing a steady increase in its most important metric - "Time Watched". This metric really shows that engagement is on the up - that users are spending more time. 

Relative to Twitter's overall growth, this might be seen as a godsend. Twitter is struggling to grow, so the fact that something it owns is proving more reliable might help growth of the company overall. That said, there's one statistic that is omitted from their statistics: user numbers. In August we were told there were 10 million registered users - but no such information this time.

Perhaps we'll know by Periscope's second birthday.