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BART’s Righteous Tweetstorm Reminds Us Its Problems Are Our Fault


It's the same heart-sinking cues for thousands of Bay Area commuters when they arrive at their San Francisco public transit station, ready to go home at the end of the day. Swamped crowds. Tired faces. And the public broadcast blaring over speakers, announcing yet another Bay Area Rapid Transit system delay. On Wednesday night, there was more of the same.

In response, frustrated riders mashed thumbs onto digital keyboards, aiming their anger at the @SFBART Twitter account. Then, to their surprise, BART started tweeting back—and it came ready for a fight.

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PlayStation VR hands-on: the $399 headset is comfortable, sturdy, and holds its own


How does it feel to wear the PlayStation VR? Sony invited the press to try the final design for the headset today in San Francisco. Broadly speaking, the most affordable high-end consumer virtual reality headset feels comfortable and accessible.

The headset, which rests on the top part of the head like a visor, is sturdy but lightweight. A thin, rubbery flap juts from the hard plastic to prevent light from entering the headset when it's worn, pressing around your eyes, cheeks, and nose. The flap feels a bit cheap and didn't quite prevent light from sneaking in during my demos, though my lack of familiarity with adjusting the headset to my face was at least partly to blame. The rest of the headset feels as if it's been constructed with the same materials as the PlayStation 4's shell, lending it a tangible familiarity.

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Twitter’s video-looping platform Vine is home to a barrage of top influencers and homegrown talent.

Like YouTube creators, those users have branched out to embrace other forms of media. Whether it be an appearance on a popular reality TV show or a Disney sitcom, Vine stars are increasingly being accepted by the mainstream like their YouTube counterparts.

Yet when it comes to their original content, Vine’s most popular users feel like they’re being shortchanged, and they’ve decided to take the matter to Twitter.

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Twitter to End Support of TweetDeck App for Windows

Windows users will have to access TweetDeck from their browsers.

Twitter will not longer support a Windows version of its popular TweetDeck app.

The social messaging company said in a blog post on Thursday that it will “no longer support a standalone Windows app” of TweetDeck as of April 15.

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Twitter is now turning on its new algorithmic timeline for everyone


Twitter’s new algorithmic timeline was heralded as the end of the service by many, but when it launched, it amounted to nothing more than the natural evolution of the prior ‘while you were away’ feature.

The algorithm now appears to be enabled by default across the social network, with users reporting that the company started turning it on it across the service as early as March 15.

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