How to prepare for LinkedIn’s Company Page redesign

Over the past couple of months LinkedIn has been redesigning their desktop company pages. As is often with these things, not all company pages are updated and many users are not able to view the new design yet. However, the new look seems to now be in effect for a significant portion, so I just wanted to quick run through the main points. (Images are from Top Dog Social Media)

Can my LinkedIn company page have the new look?

If you’re the admin of a page, head on over to it and see if the below blue bar appears. If it does, the answer is yes:


If it does (and you click it) many users will already be seeing the redesigned look when they visit your page.

Do I need to prepare anything for the change?

For the most part the redesign just displays current information in a new way, so actually there’s no big changes needed.

The only aspect to consider is the new background photo. This is the equivalent of a cover photo, and should ideally be: 1536 x 768px. I would suggest a clean, visual, image that represents the brand (as opposed to one filled with extra text/info).


To add a background photo, ensure you are in the new admin experience then navigate to Overview > Update Background Photo

Can I preview what the new design looks like?

Yes. Within the new admin panel click the “Go to member view” button in the top right

Any other changes?

On the left of the “Updates” tab you will find your engagement analytics for the last 7-days located in a box on the left, including likes, comments, shares and new followers (with increase/decrease percentages over the previous week). 


That’s it – all very straightforward. It may be quite a large visual change but LinkedIn has done a good job of making it a smooth transition.

Any questions? Get in contact!