Weekly Wrap

What connects bacon, star wars, doctors and the pope? Nothing... apart from this week's wrap!

Facebook adds support for 360-degree videos


360-degree video has arrived on Facebook.

The social network is beginning to add the immersive videos to the News Feed, the company announced Wednesday. The videos will be viewable from the web and from Facebook's iOS and Android apps.

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Can Doctors Improve Patient Outcomes With Social Media?


Social Media is a powerful tool for communicating to patients, other physicians and interacting with scientists across the world” says Dr. Kevin Campbell, MD, FACC, an internationally-recognized cardiologist and social media evangelist. Dr. Campbell is also an on-air medical expert for WNCN and a national Fox News guest. He’s also written two books, including “Women and Cardiovascular Disease: Addressing Disparities in Care.” Below is an edited version of our recent phone conversation.

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Would you use this ridiculous dating app aimed at 'bacon lovers'?


Most people seem to really, really like bacon. Internet dating is also popular. Some genius has decided to merge the two into a bacon-themed dating app.

Because the main issue with Tinder is obviously the lack of food chat, Oscar Mayer, a processed meat company, has released an app called Sizzl, so people who struggle to make conversation can exchange a few words about their love of bacon.

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Snapchat Has a Special Filter Just for Pope Francis’ Visit


Pope Francis is only the fourth pope to ever visit the United States, so what better way to commemorate the monumentally historic occasion than with…an ephemeral self-deleting photo app?

Snapchat has added a new local filter for the Pope’s arrival in Washington D.C., and similar filters may show up when the Pope visits Philadelphia and New York later this week. The filter features an illustration of the Pope in the Popemobile along with the words “They see me rollin'” in a nod to Chamillionaire’s now decade-old Grammy-winning hit “Ridin’.” Do the kids using Snapchat today even remember 2005? Is there a prize for anybody who uses the filter with a snap of the actual Pope?

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