Why Instagram is a big deal.

Last night Instagram, owned by Facebook, announced that it now has over 400 million users. That's 400 million people posting carefully crafted plates of food, pristine landscapes and cultural excursions. So, here are the top reasons you better start taking Instagram seriously: 

It's now bigger than Twitter.

Twitter has just over 300 million users, so it's not even close

It's growing at a ridiculous rate.

It's gained 100 million users in just 9 months!



It's truly global.

75% of users live outside the US

Its users use it. A lot. 

40 billion photos have been shared on the site. That's an average of 100 photos per user. 

It's part of Facebook.

Following the buyout the two are now working much closer together. For example, you can now advertise using data from both platform.

BIG people are using it

Including David Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift. Even NASA used it to post the very first surface image of Pluto!


Love it or hate it, Instagram looks like it's here to stay. #nofilter