Weekly Wrap

Facebook is expanding its live streaming, Snapchat reports on San Bernardino, and a racist billboard. It's another fresh batch of digital news courtesy of the weekly wrap. 




A few months ago Facebook introduced live-streaming video on its platform, but the new feature was only available to celebrities such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Serena Williams, and Luke Bryan. Starting today, Facebook will be rolling out the service to all users. Soon, the hoi polloi will be able to live-stream from the platform just like their favorite celebs.

In August, Facebook unveiled its “Live” feature but only to celebrities with a verified account, allowing those users to broadcast video of themselves while fans and followers commented. The videos were then permanently available for users to view later.

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Snapchat San Bernardino Story Shows Network’s Entry Into Breaking News


Snapchat has become a news source, and it’s also becoming a news organization. On Wednesday evening, after at least 14 people died in a mass shooting in Southern California, Snapchat collected and curated photos and videos from the event.

Snapchat wrote a teaser, a headline and a story opening. It collected statements from local authorities in San Bernardino. It shared news from citizens on the scene, such as those affected by a lockdown at a school.

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Twitter experiments with new home page in UK


If your Twitter home page looks a little different this morning, it's because the company is experimenting with a new log in screen designed to showcase the more social side of the micro blogging site.

Some UK users' desktop home pages have been updated to a more colourful screen displaying highly popular recent tweets across a variety of ranked topics, including politics, humour, music and popular bloggers.

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Brazilian Billboard Campaign Keeps Racist Trolls In Check


A Brazilian campaign is making a public statement against racist Facebook and Twitter trolls by posting commenters' hateful words on billboards near their homes for the world to see.

The campaign, launched in July, is titled "Virtual racism, real consequences" and is an effort to inform the public about the true human costs of racist Internet comments.

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No One Needs To Fear Facebook 'M' For A Good While


Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt Freng, Principal of Jesus College Oxford, Chairman and Co-founder of the Open Data Institute (ODI), spoke prolifically on the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) at the final Lost Lecture last month. With a title like his you’d expect someone incredibly positive about the subject (and he is) but during the lecture it became more and more apparent that we have been (and continue to be) lied to. The truth is we’re nowhere near as close to full artificial intelligence as the media, Hollywood or indeed academics lead us to believe. However, we continue to see videos like this with hyperbolic statements plastered all over them: