What the UK's top 10 YouTube videos of 2015 says about us

At the end of every year YouTube releases its top 10 most watched videos - and they always provide a fascinating insight into cultural trends. So what does 2015's list say about the UK? Here are some of the main points. 

Vloggers still have a place

Despite a number of brands getting into the top 10 this year it's clear that vloggers still resonate with the public - and they're making an awful lot of money from it. The top ten list of highest earning YouTube channels combined for an astounding $54 million dollars last year. But brands are also partnering with them more regularly - as they look to tap into their audiences. 

Authenticity rules

Following on from vloggers - authenticity has continued to be a key aspect of social consumption. Brands are getting better at portraying, or at least, simulating this - and this has helped shows like Britain's Got Talent capture an online audience.

Football is king

The UK has an obsession with footballers - as well as a large appetite for each and every FIFA game. That's always been the case and this year was nothing new. Hence why the only TV advert in the top 10 was for FIFA 16. 

We crave nostalgia

Two of the top videos of 2015 played heavily on our memories. The "real life" Frozen video was a call back to the original film from 2013. But the king here was the Star Wars trailer. With its sweeping score and recognisable style we didn't stand a chance - "Chewie... we're home". 

Celebrities still matter

A third of the videos in the top 10 feature prominent celebrities and in some way this is their main feature. In the wake of the Oscar selfie of 2014 brands and TV shows are looking more and more towards the stars. 

YouTube is still a music platform 

The top 10 list widely shared is with music videos taken out - that's not always made clear. The fact is that if they weren't removed they would dominate the list. YouTube is a platform for all types of creative content, but it seems that its background in music is still very much part of its fibre. 

You can see the top 10 in full here.