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Can Facebook at work succeed? What is the new Snapchat Story Explorer? And how can you take a break from your ex? Find out below in this week's summary of all things digital.

Killing Email - Can Facebook At Work Succeed Where Others Have Failed?


"Facebook’s enterprise play, Facebook At Work, has recently sneaked out a new feature built upon the existing Messenger platform called Work Chat, reports Techcrunch. The new app (which is currently available via the Google Play Store only at this time, an iOS version of the app is due but no timeframes have been intimated) “allows coworkers to message each other individually, participate in group chats, share photos and videos, make voice calls, and even use stickers,” reports Sarah Perez."

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Phuc Dat Bich name was Facebook hoax, says prankster


"A man who fooled the world's media and won the hearts of thousands when he said his peculiar name resulted in him being repeatedly banned from Facebook has admitted that the whole thing was a hoax.

The Australian-Vietnamese man became an internet sensation last week, when a Facebook post from January went around the world, complaining that his unfortunate name "Phuc Dat Bich" meant him being banned despite revealing a legitimate-looking passport"

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Facebook experiment will let you 'take a break' from your ex


"Social media sites like Facebook add extra layers of complication to dating, especially when dating turns to breaking up. Now, the social network is testing a feature to soften the blow.

Facebook RElationships

Facebook is piloting a set of features on mobile that will allow you to limit the amount of content that is shown to your exes and vice versa, it announced in a blog post Thursday. The feature would allow you to see less of your former partners, without the need to block or unfriend them."

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Google has received nearly 350,000 URL removal requests so far


In May 2014, Google complied with the EU's ruling that enabled citizens to request certain URLs to be removed from search results.

A year and a half later, in its bi-annual Transparency Report, Google has announced it received 348,085 such requests, the bulk of them coming from France and Germany, followed by the UK, Spain and Italy.

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The Way You Watch Snapchat Stories Will Never Be the Same


When you watch one of Snapchat's preset stories, you're usually watching a carefully hand-picked selection of video clips. And if your snap makes the story, you get bragging rights forever. Thanks to a new app update, though, it'll be way easier to get your snap seen around the world. (Or at least around your home city.)

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If you thought the $750,000 cost to advertise on Snapchat was high, it seems advertisers thought so too. According to Tech Times, the company is cutting how much it charges for an ad to run on its in-demand platform, to a more reasonable $100,000 — just in time for the Christmas ad season.

This big cut is a step in the right direction as it could attract more advertisers, but it’s not clear whether the price cut is sufficient. A $100,000 ad — one that disappears, mind you — is still a lot to pay for placement, even on a social network that’s highly coveted by millennials.

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