Weekly Wrap

Twitter is dominating the social media sphere this week - with huge shifts following the return of Jack as CEO. Find out more about its developments, and more, below. 

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is Giving $200M of His Twitter Stock to Staff


Twitter’s new CEO Jack Dorsey has enough cash to go round. So much so, in fact, that he’s announced that he’s giving one-third of his stock holdings in the social media company to his employees.

In a tweet, Dorsey announced that he’ll be giving back one-third of his approximately 22 million shares of stock to the employee equity pool, where they’ll be distributed amongst staff. In total that’s around $200 million in stock.

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Twitter polls are now rolling out to all users


Soon, you’ll be able to add your own poll to a Twitter post. The company is announcing all users will soon have the functionality, which even lets those who’ve interacted with your poll know when it’s over.


A poll must be two choices, so get your “yes or no” scenarios lined up. Polls stay active for 24 hours.

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Facebook Says It Fixed A Bug That Caused Silent Audio To Vampire Your iPhone Battery


Facebook engineering manager Ari Grant has posted an explanation for the recent issues with the app gorging itself on power. Grant says that the battery issues were caused by a series of bugs including one that ate up extra CPU cycles, causing Facebook to use up more of your iPhone battery than it should.

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Twitter gets rid of the last Vine co-founder


Twitter just laid off Vine’s last remaining co-founder, Rus Yusupov, BuzzFeed reports.

Twitter acquired the 6-second video company back in 2012, just months after the application launched. Yusupov was originally Vine’s creative director, but the design of the app is now overseen by Jason Mante, Vine’s head of user experience. Yusupov was the last of the three founders to work at the company: Dom Hoffman and Colin Kroll each stepped down in 2014.

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Instagram Launches New App 'Boomerang' For Making GIF-Like Videos


Instagram built a new video app for making short, action-packed video loops.

The standalone app, called “Boomerang,” rolled out on iOS and Android devices on Thursday. The bare-bones app combines photos into one-second videos that play forward and backward in a loop. Videos can be shot in portrait or landscape and automatically save to users’ camera rolls. Although Boomerang videos must be shot within the app, they can be shared on Instagram or elsewhere online. Fast and simple to use, the app doesn’t require users to have Instagram accounts. Boomerang bears some resemblance to “Vine,” a six-second video app owned by Twitter, and the new Apple “Live Photos” feature on the iPhone 6S. The new tool could help Instagram introduce more variety into its flagship app without complicating its interface.

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