Hello. I'm Ben Storey. 


I've worked for some of the biggest brands around the world. Whether making accountancy exciting for Sage, breaking new ground for Sony, or speaking "Furbish" for Furby, I've helped shape how these brands communicate through their digital channels. 

In 2017, I also became Director of Marketing and Sponsorship for archiboo.

Still not convinced? Then check out what some of my recent clients have said about my work. 


Full of enthusiasm and ideas, Ben was a great consultant who helped us shape our digital strategy. Through a full day workshop, we worked together to develop new ideas and a smart strategy. Ben is brilliant to work with and went above and beyond throughout the entire project.
— Marco Bilello,‎ PR Director, International, Yelp
Flexible, fun, creative, and professional, Ben worked closely with us in developing the social media skills of our spokespeople and turning them into online influencers. He’s always on top of trends and understands what’s happening in the big wide world - his consultancy and expertise should be truly valued.
— Elizabeth Pierce, Senior EMEA PR Manager, Sony
Ben is highly creative and knowledgeable, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Ben provided a consultation and social media workshop, which was even more inspiring and worthwhile than we could have anticipated. The dynamic between Ben and the marketing team was excellent and we came away with a firm focus and a huge number of ideas. Ben is very generous with his advice and we are still in regular contact with him.
— Vicky Westmore, Marketing Communications Manager, Bell English
Ben gave our first social media workshop and by the end of the session people had moved from a position where they were a bit unsure of how to use social media to wanting to get back to the office, give it a go and get stuck in. He’s hugely knowledgeable about how social media can benefit business and he imparts his passion in a way that’s engaging and fun.
— Amanda Baillieu, Founder of Archiboo
As a start-up I knew I needed to use social media but wasn’t sure where to start or how to direct my efforts. Ben worked with me to create my social media strategy which I’ve been putting into action with great effect. He totally understood my business, its social purpose, and my needs.
— Isabel Kelly, Founder, Profit with Purpose
Ben’s expertise when it comes to the digital space is undisputable, plus he’s an absolute pleasure to work with. He helped us expand AMD’s social presence worldwide and provided invaluable guidance and consultancy to our teams across EMEA. Ben manages to combine tactics with strategy to provide an ideal combination of plans that are not only achievable but target clear corporate objectives also.
— Chris Brown, Senior Manager, EMEA Communications, AMD
Ben led our first ever international social media workshop - with over 30 of our senior team in attendance from around the globe. Throughout the session we were taken on an adventure - learning the ins and outs. By the end our eyes had been opened, full of new ideas and excited for the future of our brand online.
— Patricia Aleix Bernabeu, Marketing Manager, Hotelbeds Group